John Briscella is an international conceptual artist / designer. Masters in Science, Art, Industrial Design up to Urban Planning.

His studio collection is new visionary body of work that applies advanced techniques. Pushing fabrication technology, algorithmic design software, and creativity, to create wonder and innovation in a relatively new field of emerging high tech proto-fabrication techniques.

Leveraging art, experimentation and innovation as a larger goal of developing industry standards in optimized forms.

His art in public spaces gives people the opportunity to experience a new level of innovative aesthetic design, to inspire and innovate the creative threshold. 

John works a consultant on projects, production and technology for clients, companies, artist, and individuals - Such as: MoMa, Autodesk, Makerbot, Shapeways, Lomography, Polaroid, Villareal studio, and as a way to give back, a lecture / professor for The New School and University of the Arts...

Located in Brooklyn, New York and has worked in the US, San Fransisco, London, Vienna, India, Tokyo.

Always up for a challenge. Contact JohnBriscella at Gmail dot com


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